Is it safe to go to the Gym?

Gyms are notoriously known to be spreaders of viruses and germs to include Covid-19. With gym-goers attending day and night the popularity is growing thanks to the 24 hour gyms; but with this brings concern amongst many on how they are protecting people that go.

These days you can see many gyms have several cleaning stations dotted around their venue, for protecting and cleaning of yourself or for the equipment, but their use isn’t always guaranteed! The issue with here on use is the spread of Covid-19 and other harmful viruses. Something as dangerous as this can put you out of training for as little as a week to potentially months, thus forcing you to lose progress on your training goals.

Even from a personal trainers perspective – being in a potential hotspot environment could harm your business more than you think, with either your facilities being closed, or yourself or client with ill health.

The Study

A small study conducted in Germany takes a step forward quantifying the COVID risk of gyms and fitness clubs.

Scientists have known since early in the pandemic that COVID is usually spread in the air by aerosol particles expelled by infected people, and the harder people breathe – as when they exercise – the more particles they expel. But by how much more?

The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who exercise strenuously expel 132 times more aerosol particles per minute than people at rest.

For the study, 16 participants on stationary bikes breathed clean air through a silicone face mask and exhaled into a plastic bag, thus eliminating sources of contamination, Christian Kahler, a professor at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics at Universität der Bundeswehr München and a co-author of the study, told Time. Their aerosol particle production was measured while at rest and while exerting themselves.

Participants breathed out about 580 particles per minute at rest and 76,200 particles per minute while strenuously exercising, the study found. People with higher levels of fitness and more experience in endurance training breathed out 85% more aerosols than people without such training. More aerosols meaning more chance of infection.

What can Gyms do to protect gym-goers?

With the use of  electrostatic cleaning there is a proven guarantee that gym-goers are safe when using their gym. Electrostatic cleaning can reduce this risk by creating a cleaner, safer environment for the public to train in.

The electrostatic technology that is available delivers a 360° wrapping of objects, meaning every nook and cranny of the sprayed environment is sanitised with a sustainable solution that future proofs against bacteria and viruses.

The static charge in the mist particles allows antimicrobial droplets to stick to and dry on almost any surface, leaving behind a microscopic layer of antibacterial and virus killing protection. This invisible film provides continual protection for up to 28 days.

Arenafit wrote ” We have used the services of Electroclean for their electrostatic cleaning services and we have been thoroughly impressed by their professionalism. They help us keep our gym clean and offered to keep our business going, through their selflessness”

How ElectroClean can benefit your Gym?

Electroclean with their ghost buster backpacks is the most efficient way to minimise the spread of Covi-19 and other harmful viruses such as norovirus. The electrostatic cleaning is a disinfection process that incorporates an electrical charge into a liquid. When this technology is applied to a liquid, the droplets created when sprayed become positively charged, enabling them to stick to a surface and effectively kill many germs and bacteria lurking on everyday surfaces to include:

  • High contact surfaces,
  • Locker rooms and showers,
  • Sporting equipment,
  • Weights and treadmills.

Unlike everyday bleach and household cleaning products, electrostatic cleaning is an eco-friendly, cost effective, and more efficient way of protecting the gym environment. With such a large number of people going through the venue, sweating out, this is the best peace of mind you could get.


Here at ElectroClean we happily work with you on the best time and date to carry out our services, whether its before or after opening hours we will accommodate your needs in order to provide the best possible service. The spray itself only requires a short drying time to which afterwards all equipment and areas can be used as normal.

The benefits ElectoClean can provide your gym

A brief outline of what we can provide your work-out environment.

  • Less waste of product through a better coverage from spraying,
  • Sanitising in difficult to reach areas,
  • No day-to-day deep cleaning by staff,
  • Lower risk of infection,
  • Providing trust to staff and gym-goers,
  • Fewer workplace disruptions.

We know how important it is to keep everyone safe and to meet every challenge you get in keeping your gym safe.

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