What are the advantages and disadvantages of an electrostatic deep cleaning?

The big advantages of Electrostatic are as follows:

  • Minimised downtime for treated areas.
  • Speed of treatment of large areas with many potential touchpoints.
  • 360wrapping technology is used on all surfaces
  • Effectiveness of solution, killing 99.99% of virus and bacteria.
  • Up to 28 days surface protection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Reduce staff sickness rates
  • Protect customers, employees and the community who use your organisation, facilities or fleet.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.
  • Can be used in almost any environment and on any surface, it’s even food safe.

The disadvantages of Electrostatic cleaning are:

  • High cost of equipment to carry out electrostatic deep cleaning.
  • High cost of cleaning solutions.
  • The higher costs mean most facilities or fleet managers are best off using a 3rd party contractor like ElectroClean to complete deep cleans rather than doing works in-house.

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