Electrostatic Deep Clean Services

Kill and protect surfaces from 99.99% of known Viruses & Bacteria; including Coronavirus for up to 28 days

We provide electrostatic cleaning services to organisations who need a safe, fast and cost effective sanitisation treatment for their premises.

Protect and provide peace of mind to your employees, customers and visitors that they are entering a virus free environment with your certificate of virus protection.

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What our deep clean service provides

On-site Cleaning Team

Our fully insured team will visit your site and provide a full top to bottom 360° surface electrostatic clean and cover.


The non-corrosive, non-toxic disinfectant chemicals used will destroy 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria on all surfaces and floors.

Electro Clean Certificate

A certification of Electrostatic Deep Clean will be provided on completion along with photographic & video documentation of works.

Electroclean van

We supply electrostatic deep clean services for:
schools, colleges, universities, nurseries, care homes, restaurants, hotels, pubs, supermarkets, retail spaces, public buildings, office blocks, factories, warehouses, kitchens, gyms, leisure centres, stadiums, theatres, vehicle fleets, transport companies, taxi’s and anywhere else that wants to properly sanitise and actively protect surfaces and provide peace of mind for staff, customers or visitors.

Please get in touch to learn more and receive a tailored price for your facility, fleet or premises. We can clean and protect almost any area so let us know what you are looking for to see if we can help..

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Deep clean layers

Why is Electrostatic cleaning better than standard deep cleaning?

The electrostatic cleaning method creates a static layer on surfaces allowing for a superior layer of disinfectant solution to “stick” to microbes, bacteria and viruses. This 360° wrapping of microbes, viruses and bacteria allows for an unrivalled level of decontamination and leaves surfaces protected for up to 28 days after treatment.

Electro Clean use a cleaning solution which is Non-Toxic, fragrance free, chlorine free and alcohol free. It degrades / decomposes into non harmful by products of oxygen and water meaning it is environmentally friendly. These benefits coupled with the ease of use, prolonged antimicrobial effect and materials compatibility make Electrostatic the sensible choice for any deep clean.

It’s also fast, easy and cost effective so speak to our team to learn more.

How long does it take to treat an area?

The time it takes to treat an area depends on the complexity of work involved. One of our operatives can typically treat between 100-500 sq/m of property every hour. Please contact us for a survey and to discuss in more detail how long your treatment will take our team and the availability of cleaning slots.

When is it safe to use a treated area after electrostatic spraying?

The cleaning solutions we use are all nontoxic so as soon as the treatment has dried the area is safe to use. Drying times range from 15-60 minutes depending on the environment, ventilation, temperature etc.

Clinically Proven Virus & Bacteria Eradication

deep cleaning

The Electro Clean chemicals have been tested against a broad spectrum of viral pathogens and demonstrate high antimicrobial activity according to current accredited AOAC protocol under GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) laboratory accreditation.

Electro Clean treatments kill coronavirus and 99.99% of all know bacteria and virus within 10 minutes of application.

Organisms Killed
Avian influenza (H1N1, H3N2, and H5N1)
SARS associated Coronavirus
Human Coronavirus
Respiratory syncytial virus
Clostridium Perfringens
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Bird Flu H5M1
Scarlett Fever
Hand Foot & Mouth

Other virus' and bacteria are destroyed, please ask for a full list from our team should you need it.

Electrostatic cleaning gun

How much does Electrostatic cleaning cost?

Our service is priced as £/m² or £/ft² of treated floor area.

Final prices depend on the type of environment being treated, size of treated area, urgency of treatment, property locations and contract terms so please contact us to book a survey or get a customised quote.

To Learn More

Please contact the team on: 01962 676214 or bookings@electroclean.co.uk

Please understand that we are incredibly busy at this period, however we have increased capacity for the coming months.

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About us

ElectroClean provide electrostatic deep cleaning and sanitisation support services and products through the limited company Electro Clean Ltd. Electro Clean Ltd was formed by a team of directors who have been supplying cleaning products and services for over 20 years in the Contract Cleaning, Leisure, Education, Catering, Care Homes and Facilities Management sectors.

We are obsessed with providing excellent service and protecting people from the spread of virus and bacteria. We only work with the very best technologies that are proven to deliver protection and peace of mind.

Areas Covered

Electro Clean can provide electrostatic cleaning services across the South East of England including:

  • London
  • Surrey
  • Berkshire
  • Hampshire
  • Dorset
  • Wiltshire
  • Sussex

We offer national coverage for England, Scotland and Wales through our franchise network so please contact us to discuss.

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To book our cleaning services or request further information please complete this contact form:


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If you want to contact one of our friendly team you can also call 01962 676214 or email info@electroclean.co.uk.