Where do you find a reliable cleaner in Hampshire?

Finding a good reliable cleaner for your business in Hampshire can be challenging, especially when employment figures are low. A cleaning role isn’t for everyone as it can come with a stigma and is known for low pay, plus it can be hard work. If you are looking to employ a cleaner for your business, the best recruiting agency is www.finda.uk the virtual recruitment agency. Finda makes it easier for you to find good quality staff with removing the placement fee.


One-way that ElectroClean can help businesses in Hampshire in providing a reliable cleaner is by contracting us to undertake their daily and monthly cleaning. ElectroClean was born out of the pandemic and has grown from strength-to-strength due to our personal caring service that we have to offer.

Based in Hampshire, we offer commercial and industrial cleaning to help you reduce your costs without sacrificing quality. We ensure our team of cleaners are trained to the highest level so we can deliver on our company standards because we care. We can also offer you innovative and efficient cleaning technologies that improves productivity. On top of providing you with a cleaning service, another benefit of putting ElectroClean into your business is because we only use eco-friendly products with more sustainable processes that reduces water and chemical use.

By using non-toxic yet effective cleaning products in place of traditional chemical cleaners, ElectroClean can help reduce the negative impact on the environment, but we also help companies save money by reducing their waste and help cut back on their resources.

Speciality cleaning in Hampshire, adding more value to your business.

One of the more defining areas in commercial and industrial cleaning today is the increased awareness of healthier indoor environments. The emphasis on cleaning for health means we can provide electrostatic cleaning, which is the first line of defence when it comes to stopping viruses and super bugs to include Covid-19 spreading in your business.

We remain compliant with rules from agencies like the British Infection Association because caring for the working environment helps reduce absence within the workplace. According to the Environmental Protection Agency it estimates over 150 million workdays are lost due to poor indoor infected air quality (IAQ).

It has been proved that advanced cleaning processes like electrostatic cleaning can significantly improve air quality in commercial and industrial environments. This is a major reason why as a business in Hampshire you should consider moving towards greener, environmental preferred contract cleaning where products don’t leave behind chemical residues that can impact on air quality.

When choosing ElectroClean as your contract cleaning provider, we can resolve your staffing issues, help you to save additional costs plus keep your working environment healthier. We have experience in providing all levels of cleaning standards from warehouse cleaning, office cleaning, end of tenancy cleans to premium venues, like Clock Barn in Whitchurch, Hampshire.

Case Study – Clock Barn, Hampshire

This premium wedding venue nestled in the Hampshire countryside prides itself on the executive level of hospitality and attention to detail when their guests stay and attend weddings. ElectroClean provides a team of highly trained cleaners and housekeepers to keep this venue spick, span and safe. We provide a daily team who are responsible for cleaning, changing beds and keeping everything meticulous for the next guest party to arrive. On top of our daily service, we also provide Clock Barn with a monthly electrostatic cleaning that gives them the peace of mind in keeping everyone healthy including bride and groom, wedding party and the large team that keep Clock Barn running throughout the year.

As with all businesses that use the services of our electrostatic cleaning you will get a seal of approval which you can display on your front door, certifying you are a safe to touch company. What a great story and endorsement for your business.

For further information on this idyllic barn wedding venue, go to Luxury Barn Wedding Venue in Hampshire | Clock Barn (clockbarn-weddings.co.uk)


If you would like to know more about the latest cleaning technology for your hospitality and leisure business, click here, or otherwise talk with us further to discuss your contract cleaning in Hampshire on 0808 1963911. We are only a step away as we are based just outside Winchester.



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