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Deep Cleaning Experts for Salons & Spas

Although you’re taking the utmost care to protect your staff and customers, wouldn’t you feel better knowing your environments were 99.999% free of viruses and bacteria for 28 days? ElectroClean can give you and your customers the reassurance you need in any salon or spa environment.

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Electroclean Spray Gun

An extra & essential precaution

Your stylists, nail and beauty technicians already use PPE - and your customers are probably taking precautions too. But these are preventative measures and won’t actively kill viruses and bacteria present in your working environment.

Our electrostatic spray guns use 360° wrapping technology, meaning every square inch of your spa or salon will be sanitised - including your toilets, vehicles, storage areas, communal spaces, and high touchpoints

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Reassure your teams & customers

Your stylists, technicians and customers will be in close contact with one another. Using our experience, we’ll tailor an electrostatic sanitisation program for your spa or salon - improving team morale and increasing footfall.

Once we’ve finished work at your premises, we’ll award you a certificate of protection. This can be placed in your shops and vehicles, demonstrating to your customers how invested you are in their safety.



The right experience

Using our experience in retail, we’ll devise the best program for you


Minimal disruption

We can deep clean your spa before you open or after you’ve closed


Multi-site support

If you own multiple premises, we can act as your sole provider nationwide


Accredited technology

Our technology meets (EN 1276, EN 14476, EN 1650 & EN 13704) criteria


One-off or ongoing?

We can work with you short-term or create structured sanitisation programs


Great products

We only invest in the best, which means you can enjoy total peace of mind

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