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TECcare Protect

TECcare® Protect

Alcohol-free hand and skin sanitiser providing up to 4hrs active antibacterial protection.

  • Water-based alcohol-free hand sanitiser.
  • Kills 99.999% of viruses and bacteria present on skin.
  • Unlike alcohol-based hand sanitisers, Protect has a prolonged antimicrobial effect of between 2-4hrs.
  • Protect is a skin and hand antiseptic sanitiser.
  • Because Protect contains no alcohol, it prevents the skin from drying and cracking through regular use.
  • Fully certified anti-bacterial (FDA Monograph & EN 1500), anti-virus (EN 14476), and anti-fungal (AOAC – Fungicidal) skin protection.

Cost (all prices + VAT)

£6.00 - 1 x 50ml pocket-sized foam pump

£22.00 - 4 x 50ml pocket-sized foam pumps

£50.00 - 10 x 50ml pocket-sized foam pumps

£100.00 - 2 x 5lt refill bottles