Why is this product different to a standard clean using Dettol or other antibacterial spray?

In terms of the solution we use, it kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria just the same as Dettol however an ElectroClean deep clean is hugely different in terms of the coverage and lasting protection it provides.

Firstly, our solutions use 360o electrostatic wrapping technology which means that when the cleaning solution hits a 3D surface, the electrically charged particles move across the surface of the object to cover every aspect of that object (top, bottom and sides). This means there are no cleaning dark spots and all surfaces are treated easily and quickly. This level of coverage would be almost impossible for a cleaner to replicate without using the Electrostatic technology we use or many, many hours of elbow grease.

The areas and surfaces we can treat in a short space of time are hugely different to a traditional clean. We treat all touchpoints across a large area (up to 500m an hour). This would take a traditional cleaner hour’s, if not days to provide the same level of coverage. Typically, we can cover 10X the floor area of a traditional cleaner each hour.

A final key point is when a cleaner applies Dettol to a surface, they wipe it away instantly, meaning that although the disinfectant should technically kill 99% of bacteria, the solution cannot take full effect or protect after it has been applied. This is not the case with electrostatic cleaning, our solutions are not wiped, they are left to dry and leave a protective antibacterial layer on the surface which will protect that surface for up to 30 days after treatment from all virus and bacteria.

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