At ElectroClean we are passionate about providing peace of mind and protecting staff, guests, customers and users of your facilities or fleet from the surface transfer of viruses and bacteria. To do this, we use the latest deep cleaning technologies which offer the following benefits:

  • Allow for maximum surface coverage with our 360wrapping technology
  • Minimal disruption to your organisation
  • Protect surfaces from bacteria and viruses for up to 28 days
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Harmless to you, harmless to the environment
  • Non-harmful chemicals
  • Cost-effective solution for large or difficult deep clean areas

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Electrostatic cleaning kills 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses, so once our service is carried out in your workplace, employees and customers can have peace of mind that they are safe in your environment.

The treatments we provide not only provide peace of mind and protection for staff, visitors and users of your facilities but also can help reduce staff absenteeism. This has a material benefit to your staffing costs or other associated issues which arise from staff being poorly.

The best way to protect staff and children from Norovirus is to kill the virus which causes this sickness bug on the surfaces through which it can be transferred. This means a deep clean is required that treats all touchpoints in the environment. Any treatment also needs to provide lasting protection where possible. This means the bug can’t be passed onto others as the virus dies when it meets the surface. If there is no lasting protection in the products applied, surfaces really need to be cleaned constantly to prevent the bug from being spread between people.

ElectroClean provides the ideal solution in the prevention of norovirus spreading as our deep clean kills norovirus on every surface and then protects that surface for up to 28 days before it needs to be treated again.

The big advantages of Electrostatic are as follows:

  • Minimised downtime for treated areas.
  • Speed of treatment of large areas with many potential touchpoints.
  • 360wrapping technology is used on all surfaces
  • Effectiveness of solution, killing 99.99% of virus and bacteria.
  • Up to 28 days surface protection from viruses and bacteria.
  • Reduce staff sickness rates
  • Protect customers, employees and the community who use your organisation, facilities or fleet.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.
  • Can be used in almost any environment and on any surface, it’s even food safe.

The disadvantages of Electrostatic cleaning are:

  • High cost of equipment to carry out electrostatic deep cleaning.
  • High cost of cleaning solutions.
  • The higher costs mean most facilities or fleet managers are best off using a 3rd party contractor like ElectroClean to complete deep cleans rather than doing works in-house.

Electrostatic is environmentally friendly as the chemicals used are non-toxic, non-corrosive and simply decompose into oxygen and water. This means there are no harmful chemicals that leak into the environment making it an eco-friendly treatment for your environments.

The electrostatic cleaning method creates a static charge in the fine spray of solution particles allowing for a superior layer of disinfectant solution to “stick” to the surface of any object and the microbes, bacteria and viruses. Our 360wrapping technology is by far the best way to perform a deep clean of your environment.

A deep clean is designed to treat all surfaces in an environment and protect against what you can’t see such as viruses and bacteria. It is not designed to leave an environment sparkling clean to the eye. A normal clean on the other hand tends to treat certain surfaces and is done to make things look clean even though surfaces may not be virus or bacteria free.

We like to use a petrol pump as an example, these are often wipped down to appear clean but after this is done and someone uses the pump it has bacteria on it again so even though it may appear clean there is still a risk of the surface spread of virus or bacteria. A deep clean service like ours on the other hand ensures that the petrol pump is free from all bacteria and viruses once treated and protects anyone using that pump for up to 28 days.

Our electrostatic cleaning equipment is patented by EcoSatics and the cleaning solutions are from Teccare. This equipment and solution combination has been tested to work in perfect harmony and received all certifications as to its effectiveness against virus and bacteria.