ElectroClean – Vehicle Cleaning Guide

ElectroClean – Vehicle Cleaning Guide

Electrostatic Deep Clean

Your vehicle has received an electrostatic deep clean using a powerful disinfectant which kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria.

The Electrostatic Deep Clean provides up to 28 days of active protection for all treated surfaces within the vehicle. After spraying, we place a Protected by ElectroClean sticker in a highly visible location inside the vehicle. This sticker is valid for 28 days and is marked with an expiry date, indicating when the next ElectroClean is due.

To maintain up to 28 days of active protection, we advise using ElectroControl and ElectroDaily on all touchpoints where cross-infection is most likely to occur.


ElectroControl is a powerful disinfectant that kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria and leaves a protective film on surfaces which protects for up to 28 days.
This should be used to top up the protection provided by the Electrostatic deep clean on high traffic touchpoints in your vehicle such as door handles, card machines, handrails, seat belt clips, seats etc.

Spray ElectroControl into a clean microfibre cloth and wipe it over all hard surfaces inside the vehicle. Use the same cloth for every clean and do not use any other chemicals or sprays (other than ElectroDaily) with this cloth.

You should do this daily if your vehicle is used a lot, say a taxi and weekly for a family car to ensure all areas of the vehicle are fully protected for the 28 days.

Please only use ElectroControl or ElectroDaily in your vehicle as other solutions will stop the active protection from working. If you do use other cleaning solutions in the vehicle, please apply ElectroControl afterwards to reapply the active protection layer and fully protect the vehicle.

ElectroControl is now the only antibacterial protection you need.


ElectroDaily is your everyday cleaning product. ElectroDaily replaces any other brand being used to clean the vehicle.

Use this on all hard surfaces in the vehicle to remove general grease from hands, dirt, dust and spillages. Lightly fragranced, ElectroDaily leaves a fresh odour whilst leaving your vehicle gleaming. ElectroDaily compliments your Electrostatic Deep Clean and ElectroControl. Pour the contents of the ElectroDaily sachet into the labelled empty trigger spray bottle. Fill with cold water to the top fill line (750ml). Spray ElectroDaily directly into a clean cloth and use to wipe all hard surfaces in the vehicle.

ElectroDaily is now the only cleaning detergent you need.

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