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ElectroClean offers deep cleaning services using the latest Electrostatic Cleaning Technology and Antibacterial Cleaning Solutions. As can only be expected, companies and members of the public inevitably have a vast range of questions about our work – we’d like to help you to understand what we do, why we do it and how we carry out our deep cleaning services by answering some of your questions.

Why use ElectroClean? 

ElectroClean is extremely passionate about providing peace of mind and protecting your staff, guests, customers and users of your facilities or fleet from surface transfer of virus and bacteria.  To do this, we use the latest deep cleaning technologies which offer the following benefits:

  • Allow for maximum surface coverage (no cleaning dark spots with 360wrapping technology)
  • Minimal downtime for your assets (application is fast so areas can be live again almost immediately)
  • Protect surfaces from bacteria and virus for up to 30 days
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Safe to use and non-harmful to your staff, the wider public and the environment
  • Cost-effective solution for large or difficult to deep clean areas

Is ElectroClean’s Service safe?

Absolutely. You wouldn’t want to drink the solutions we use from the bottle but in terms of the Electrostatic application and all the chemicals used, it is 100% safe, fully tested and certified.

The solutions that we use are alcohol, bleach, solvent, hydroxyl, chlorine and fragrance-free. They are also non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous. The solutions are water-based too, breaking down into oxygen and water meaning they are food safe and eco-friendly as well!

How long does it take to carry out a deep clean?

This very much depends on how big and complex the space we are treating is. Typically, one operative treats between 200 and 500 sq/m per hour.

How much should a deep clean cost?

We have seen prices for deep cleans ranging from £1 a sq/m to £3 a sq/m but ElectroClean feels this is way too high in 95% of cases. The price of a deep clean should be reflective of the time, equipment and solutions used as these are the biggest costs involved in the service.

With ElectroClean, the time savings are huge compared to other more traditional deep cleans but the equipment costs and solutions are far more expensive; however, this doesn’t mean our prices are higher compared to other services – they are actually lower.

As an example, we have a contract in place with a group of nurseries which have 3 properties of around 300sq/m in size each. This work takes our team approximately one hour to perform a full antibacterial deep clean of all touchpoints and surfaces in the buildings. The cost for each property in this case on a 12-month contract for a monthly clean is just £150 + VAT, which works out at just £0.50 sq/m, making it half the price compared to other services.

When ElectroClean price work we survey how long the work will take, the complexity of the area being treated and the volume of solutions we will need – we then base your price on these factors.

What we have seen is our prices for the same level of sanitisation compared to other options make our service significantly cheaper with the main factor being how much quicker we can perform the deep cleans using the electrostatic technology. The knock-on benefit to you as a customer of our lower price and speed of service is not only the reduced cost but also the shorter downtime for your facilities. For example, you can use a treated area almost immediately after we have completed the deep clean, which is a huge added benefit compared to other deep-cleaning options.

Can you prove this service works? 

Yes, all equipment and cleaning solutions are fully certified and tested through clinical trials and adhere to numerous ISO and EU regulations. We have a separate technical specification document which we can send with details of all the certifications, testing and proofs of what the technologies we use can do in terms of deep cleaning power.

Why is this product different to a standard clean using Dettol or other antibacterial sprays?

In terms of the solution we use, it kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria just the same as Dettol however an ElectroClean deep clean is hugely different in terms of the coverage and lasting protection it provides.

Firstly, our solutions use 360o electrostatic wrapping technology which means that when the cleaning solution hits a 3D surface, the electrically charged particles move across the surface of the object to cover every aspect of that object (top, bottom and sides). This means there are no cleaning dark spots and all surfaces are treated easily and quickly. This level of coverage would be almost impossible for a cleaner to replicate without using the Electrostatic technology we use or many, many hours of elbow grease.

The areas and surfaces we can treat in a short space of time are hugely different from a traditional clean. We treat all touchpoints across a large area (up to 500m an hour). This would take a traditional cleaner hour’s, if not days to provide the same level of coverage. Typically, we can cover 10X the floor area of a traditional cleaner each hour.

A final key point is when a cleaner applies Dettol to a surface, they wipe it away instantly, meaning that although the disinfectant should technically kill 99% of bacteria, the solution cannot take full effect or protect after it has been applied. This is not the case with electrostatic cleaning, our solutions are not wiped, they are left to dry and leave a protective antibacterial layer on the surface which will protect that surface for up to 30 days after treatment from all virus and bacteria.

What virus and bacteria does a deep clean treatment kill?

Our products have been tested on, and are proven to kill, COVID-19, influenza, norovirus, salmonella, Syphilis, HIV, SARS, Avian influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, E.Coli, listeria, bird flu, scarlet fever, hand foot and mouth, clostridium perfringens, pseudomonas aeruginosa and many, many more. Please ask for our technical specs for further info on what bugs and nasties our treatments kill and protect you from.

How long are surfaces protected after a deep clean treatment?

Surfaces are protected for up to 30 days after our deep clean solution is applied. There are exceptions to this – for example, if a surface is cleaned after a deep clean with a heavy-duty degreaser, the antibacterial protective layer can be removed. To maximise the long-lasting protection for any surface we recommend that Teccare Daily solution is used for daily cleans. This product is a degreaser and antibacterial general surface cleaning product designed to work in perfect harmony with the deep clean treatment applied.

What is the best cleaning schedule to fully protect surfaces from virus and bacteria?

We recommend that an electrostatic deep clean is undertaken at least once a month – this is the length of time that surfaces are protected by a deep clean treatment. However, to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind over the course of a month, we recommend Teccare Daily solution be used for daily cleans by your general cleaning contractor or inhouse teams. This product is a degreaser and antibacterial general surface cleaning product designed to work in perfect harmony with the deep clean treatment applied. This regular cleaning schedule ensures that members of the public and your teams are always fully protected from any potential surface spread of bacteria and virus.

Does the ElectroClean service protect against COVID-19 and Coronavirus?

Yes. Our solutions have been fully tested and are clinically proven to protect against COVID-19 and all other known forms of Human Coronavirus.

What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Electrostatics is the process of adding an electrical charge to the liquid droplets when they are sprayed; think of the static charge you create by rubbing a balloon on your hair and the static effect created. Just like magnets, the solution particles also repel each other and move across a surface and cover the full surface area of the object being treated. This means the droplets of cleaning solution move across the surface of the object being treated and provide a 360o wrapping of the object and stick to that surface rather than run off. Other treatments simply apply a solution to the surface of the object which then runs off before the antibacterial effect of the solution has time to work, or the solution doesn’t find the dark spots of the object so only the face of the object is treated leaving untreated surfaces and dark spots.

What types of surface can you clean using electrostatic cleaning?

By using electrostatic cleaning, we can treat all surfaces and floors. The solution also treats airborne virus and bacteria as it is sprayed and can also be used on textiles or other normally difficult to treat surfaces like curtains or other soft furnishings.

Who makes the equipment and chemicals used by ElectroClean?

Our electrostatic cleaning equipment is patented by EcoSatics and the cleaning solutions are from Teccare. This equipment and solution combination has been tested to work in perfect harmony and received all certifications as to its effectiveness against virus and bacteria.

When / why do I need a deep clean rather than just a normal clean?

A deep clean is designed to treat all surfaces in an environment and protect against what you can’t see such as virus and bacteria. It is not designed to leave an environment sparkling clean to the eye. A normal clean on the other hand tend to treat certain surfaces and is done to make things look clean even though surfaces may not be virus or bacteria-free.

We like to use a petrol pump as an example, these are often wiped down to appear clean but after this is done and someone uses the pump it has bacteria on it again so even though it may appear clean there is still a risk of surface spread of virus or bacteria. A deep clean service like ours, on the other hand, ensures that the petrol pump is free from all bacteria and virus once treated and protects anyone using that pump for up to 30 days even though it may appear slightly dirty to the eye.

How does Electrostatic Technology work?

The electrostatic cleaning method creates a static charge in the fine spray of solution particles allowing for a superior layer of disinfectant solution to “stick” to the surface of any object and the microbes, bacteria and viruses on the surface being treated – this 360wrapping of the object is what makes electrostatic technology by far the best way to perform a deep clean of your environment.

Why is Electrostatic much safer for the environment?

Electrostatic is environmentally friendly as the chemicals used are non-toxic, non-corrosive and simply decompose into oxygen and water. This means there are no harmful chemicals that leak into the environment making it an eco-friendly treatment for your environments.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electrostatic deep cleaning?

The big advantages of Electrostatic are as follows:

  • Minimised downtime for treated areas.
  • Speed of treatment of large areas with many potential touchpoints.
  • 360Wrapping of surfaces so no cleaning dark spots.
  • Effectiveness of solution, killing 99.99% of virus and bacteria.
  • Up to 30 days of surface protection from virus and bacteria.
  • Low cost of a 3rd party cleaner to do your deep clean compared to other comparable options.
  • Reduce staff sickness rates and protect customers and the general public using your facilities or fleet.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions are used.
  • Can be used in almost any environment and on any surface, it’s even food safe.

The disadvantages of Electrostatic cleaning are:

  • High cost of equipment to carry out electrostatic deep cleans.
  • High cost of cleaning solutions.
  • These high costs mean most facilities or fleet managers are best off using a 3rd party contractor like ElectroClean to complete deep cleans rather than doing works in-house.

How can you protect against Norovirus in schools, nurseries and workplaces?

The best way to protect staff and children from Norovirus is to kill the virus which causes this sickness bug on the surfaces which it can be transferred through. This means a deep clean is required that treats all touchpoints in the environment. Any treatment also needs to provide lasting protection where possible. This means the bug can’t be passed onto others as the virus dies when it meets the surface. If there is no lasting protection in the products applied, surfaces really need to be cleaned constantly to prevent the bug being spread between people.

ElectroClean provides the ideal solution in the prevention of norovirus spreading as our deep clean kills norovirus on every surface and then protects that surface for up to 30 days before it needs to be treated again.

How does Electrostatic Cleaning protect your workforce, customers and the general public?

Electrostatic cleaning kills 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses, so once our service is carried out in your workplace, employees and customers can have peace of mind that they are safe in your environment and will avoid passing on or picking up bugs from surfaces which have been treated.

The treatments we provide not only provide peace of mind and protection for the staff, visitors and users of your facilities but they also reduce staff absence rates through sickness. This has a material benefit to your staffing costs or other associated issues which arise from staff being poorly.

Where can we find you on social media?

You can find us on:

Facebook – Electro Clean

Instagram – @electrocleanuk

Twitter – @uk_electro

LinkedIn – Electro Clean

YouTube – Electro Clean UK

How can I speak to someone about ElectroClean’s services or to get a quote?

You can contact our team for more information about ElectroClean, the services we offer or to get a quote by emailing team@electroclean.co.uk or you can call 01962 676214 during normal office hours Monday to Friday.

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