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Paul Ashton - Franchisee

A father and daughter team covering Glasgow and Scotland.

As Dad, I was extensively involved in the black cab trade both driving and owning multiple cabs, while Rebecca (as my now apprentice) had not long left school and was all set to travel the United States for a year before coming back to commit to signing up for the Royal Navy.

Deciding to set up ElectroClean Glasgow was the lightbulb moment in our eyes as, with the Black Cab trade being brought to its knees with the pandemic and Rebecca’s travel and Royal Navy plan up in the air, it was decided it was the perfect opportunity to start afresh with a new family-run business. We discussed a lot about what we might look at doing and how we could actually run a business that would make a difference - not just to us as business owners but also to our local community. It was then with all the doom and gloom regarding Coronavirus that we agreed we wanted to do something that could help folk and businesses facing this predicament. Mike, our CEO at ElectroClean UK, had a very similar clear vision and so it became a great partnership and there was no looking back.

ElectroClean Glasgow has now gone from strength to strength in not only working with the public and businesses alike but to be able to support our designated charity which now benefits from the work we do by helping service users use facilities safely. For our business users, it's great to be able to give them the confidence to be able to operate their premises - safely encouraging staff and customers alike to feel safe in their workplace settings.