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Deep Cleaning Experts for the Dental & Medical Sector

Maintaining a sterile and infection-free environment is vital in your line of work. Give your staff and patients the reassurance they need by trusting us to kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria in your clinical environment and protect surfaces for up to 28 days. 

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Sometimes clean isn’t clean enough

Exceed patients’ high expectations by asking ElectroClean to sanitise your clinical areas. Using advanced 360° wrapping technology, we’ll treat every surface, small and large, high and low, while working within strict guidelines.

We can deep clean hospitals, dental practices, GP practices, veterinary surgeries, and more. Contact us to find out how we can give your staff, patients, and visitors the hygienically safe environment they deserve.

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We’ll work around you

We understand you’re working under incredible pressure and that time is precious. That’s why we’ll make things easier for you, not harder. Our team will tailor a program around your busy schedule - so we won’t interrupt your patients or hard-working teams.

Our technology is highly advanced and fully accredited. Working within strict guidelines, and using only the best products, we’ll make your clinical environments safe for everyone who visits.



No interruptions

We’ll work around you, so your service delivery won’t be affected


Proof of protection

Reassure patients, staff & visitors with your certificate of protection


No area’s off-limits

We can deep clean waiting rooms, toilets, surgical areas & more


On-demand or one-off

We can work at short notice during busy periods or on an ad hoc basis


Fully accredited

Our technology complies with EN 1276, EN 14476, EN 1650 & EN 13704


Emergency Support

If you need help in a hurry, our team will respond quickly & decisively

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