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Regular Electrostatic Treatments

Regular Sanitisation Treatments Ensure 24/7 Protection

Electrostatic spraying is the best and most technologically advanced method for the sanitisation of an area.

Using our electrostatic spray guns, we can treat areas faster than other deep cleaning methods, while achieving total surface coverage and effective killing of viruses and bacteria for up to 28 days.

The electrostatic technology we use delivers 360° wrapping of objects, meaning every nook and cranny of the sprayed environment is sanitised.

The static charge in the mist particles allows antimicrobial droplets to stick to and dry on almost any surface, leaving behind a microscopic layer of antibacterial and virus killing protection. This invisible film provides continual protection for up to 28 days.


100 to 500 sq/m (1000 to 5000 sq/ft) of floor area p/h per operative.

Cost (all prices + VAT)

£0.25 to £2.00 p/m2 depending on work carried out, chemicals used, PPE required, contract terms, etc.